Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Rare Sports Reference*

         I was never any good at sports, but I once saw how people can be.  During a neighborhood football game, the QB singled me out in the huddle.  Normally my reaction is panic, wondering whether I’ll catch the ball, and what will happen next if I do.  This one time, just this once in all the downs I’ve played in my life, I saw it all.  I’d line up, I’d hook right, I’d catch the ball, I’d pivot upfield and score.  It was done before we clapped our hands and broke the huddle.  
I lined up and waited for the snap.  I wasn’t even nervous, because it had already happened in my mind.  I ran a short hook right, caught the pass like it was the most natural thing in the world, pivoted left, and scored a touchdown.
I must have felt that way a time or two in my life, but only once comes to mind.  Standing on a corner in Coral Gables, waiting for the light to change, carrying Dylan in my left arm, holding Becky in my right, both of them holding me tight. 
I saw our family; I saw home.

I'm offering this post now because the next few posts are rough.  

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