Lip Service: Sweet on Video

I've been fortunate enough to have three stories selected by Lip Service, a program started by two Miami writers which allows people time in front of a crowd to share their true stories.

The first is about Kelly Cook, one of my best friends from East Syracuse-Minoa High School in upstate New York.

Two years after this video, Lip Service partnered with City Link Magazine and published it as Past the Flesh.  I felt honored that my story was the first selected for print.

* * *

The second story Lip Service selected is about my 2007 car accident.

* * *

The third time I read for them was a sold-out event at the Miracle Theater put on in conjunction with WLRN's Under the Sun program.  It also played on Miami's public television station, and on WLRN.

Videos show you what happened, but they can't capture what it's like to be in the audience at one of these events.  If you live in or near Miami and hear about a Lip Service event, I strongly recommend checking it out.  Whether I'm in it or not.