SwF&F: Who's Who

I'm a mixed-race member of the Akwesasne Nation, Turtle Clan, half my mother’s Mohawk (Kahniakehaka) Indian and half my father’s Scotch-Irish.  My top five albums are Ani DiFranco’s Little Plastic Castle, Postal Service’s Give Up, Beck’s Midnight Vultures, Liz Phair’s whitechocolatespacegg, and Wyclef Jean’s Carnival.  I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Becky and I dated for a few months before she made her first appearance on SwF&F.  I used the name Cleopatra, after her Halloween costume.  Call her Cleopatra, Becky, Tiger, The Girl with the Pigeon Tattoo, or just plain lovely.  You could also call her the reason I get out of bed in the morning.  Here's to you, Becky sue.

Dylan, AKA Monkey, AKA Cleopatra Junior, is Becky's son from her first marriage.  He loves Legos, dancing, and French Toast.  He wishes Christmas was every day, and he thinks any little loose hair he finds - on faces, the floor, at home, in public - can be blown off a fingertip for a wish.  Thinking makes his face look vaguely sad, but he's not; he's just thinking.  Your cute child has nothing on him.      

I am a buyer and bookseller at South Florida’s largest independent bookstore.  Most days it's a sweet gig.  If you're in a buying mood, I link to our website every time I mention an author or book.  

It took more than eighteen months of blogging for me to notice I didn’t have a “books” tag.  That’s because books are as much a part of my life as breathing, and nearly as necessary.  I’m sure I’ll go back and tag all the old posts at some point.

I started SwF&F because my first marriage was sinking and I needed a distraction.  I've continued Sweet for fun, and to build an audience of dozens.

I write about my relationships - with friends, family, my wife, and our son.  I write stuff in other places and link to it here.  I post pictures of racism against Indians. I write about movies, porn, and cooking.  I write about biking, concerts, independent bookselling, publishing, books, cats, tattoos, and coffee.  I write about writing – editing, the process, the struggle, attempts to get published, inspirations, and frustrations.    

I appreciate your time, and your comments.