Friday, August 12, 2011

When in Doubt, The Heat Lightning

I don't know what that means either, but at this moment, when I lower my bucket into the depths of possible titles for the book stuff I do over at THL, the well is dry.  U of M Library just ordered 114 travel guides from Books & Books, and since most of them are new it involved a lot of data entry.  To break off the monotony, I'd leaf through them from time to time.

As Christine Borges responded to the THL post on Facebook, "as a born and raised Miami girl (and trained journalist) I'm completely offended by the lack of research and intelligence all of those guidebooks used.  I mean seriously... did they even TALK to a local before making their own assumptions based on stereotypes?!"  I wasn't born here but I've adopted Miami as my home, and I was surprised by the guide's tone and content.  According to the author bios, there is nary a native in the bunch.

Here's the post.  Most importantly, here's the image I created for the article.

That's right, I made this collage, and I am proud of it.

Let's look at that again, shall we?

Google image searches included "beach party," "Miami Beach party," "Miami Ocean Drive," "Miami Beach Washington Ave," "beach dance party" (NOTE: want pictures of old people having fun?  Put the words "dance" and "party" in the same search), "South Beach party girls," "South Beach clubs," and "South Beach drunk."

I also saw a search for Salvatore Farragamo in the middle of all that, but I don't know why.  It could have been the only designer I could think of at the time.

DJ Kitty Kitty was already on my desktop.

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