Saturday, July 2, 2011

Close to Hilda's Bakery in that Both Names Contain an "L"

I wasn't totally off.  My last post also made it clear that the business was a bakery.  So, yeah, this place:

Making Delicious Happen.
Becky and I purchased one chocolate cupcake and one red velvet cupcake, ate them on site, and then left.  Realizing we might never encounter another cupcake so delicious, we turned around after half a block.  This delighted the staff, who sold us two more red velvet cupcakes while we tried to sell them on the idea of a Donna Bell's Miami.

We got about ten feet before we returned, this time for a single red velvet.  We want a Donna Bell's in Miami because there is no cupcake in this entire city which can hold a candle to them.

"Wait, what about Misha's Cupcakes?" I hear you Miamians saying.  Blah, blah, blah.  Yes, they're great.  But you know what?  Homemade cake is great, like the one about sex and pizza.

Male propaganda.

I'm not saying Misha's are bad, at all, but one bite from Donna Bell's and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat another Misha's for at least a year.  It's like reading James Salter's Light Years or John Irving's Cider House Rules; you know other fiction will pale for a time.

"Some Chick from CSI" is actually actress, singer, and philanthropist (and if IMDB and Wikipedia are to be believed, director / photographer / producer / poet / spoken-word artist / writer) Pauley Perrette:

Acting as Abby Sciuto in NCIS.

Singing as Pauly P. with Lo-Ball

Philanthropisting as herself with Project Angel Food

I IMDB'd her.  I've seen her in Frasier, Almost Famous, and The Ring, and I've heard of NCIS, but I didn't know who she was.  NCIS is a number one TV show.  This year's Harris Poll ranked it America's Favorite Television Show of All Time.  Perrette's Q Score (yes, that's a thing) ties Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman as the number one Performer.  She's also 5'10", black-haired, and badass.  You'd think I'd have celeb-crushed on her like I do on Eva Mendes or Angelina Jolie, or at least that I'd recognize her.

You see what not having TV does to me?  This is why thousands of people descend on Books & Books to meet Tim Tebow while I need Wikipedia to tell me who he is and why I should care.

But really, does it matter how big of a star she is?  I'm sure NCIS is a fine program, but I'd have to guess Perrette's voluminous fundraising efforts, monetary donations, and charitable contributions - be they time or using her celebrity status to raise awareness - are of much more importance to the world.  

Well, all that and sharing her mother's baking recipes.

This is a clarification post but if you want a love-letter to Donna Bell's a good example can be found here, with pictures of the offerings AND the girl who rang Becky and I up.  If you're in New York City around the Theatre District and Hell's Kitchen, do your day right and stop by Donna Bell's Bake Shop.

Here's hoping it will be there every time I'm in town.

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