Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You Should Read "Blood, Bones, and Butter."

Still got one or two signed ones left.
At her event with Books & Books, Gabrielle Hamilton claimed that as much as she would like to write a novel, she could not see herself writing fiction.  I've no reason to doubt her, but my wish to read more of her voice makes me refuse to believe it.  It would be a loss.

Vegetarian blogger Ellen Kanner wrote a great review for the Miami Herald.

I gave it 4.5 on Goodreads, and also mentioned here at SwF&F how the book helped me propose to Becky.

There are many things to love about Blood, Bones, and Butter.  The stories, the writing style, her lack of pretension, Italy, Greece, New York City, the way she effortlessly deflates the worship of celebrity chefs.  I pull this quote because I like what she does, flirting with run-on to help communicate that feeling of being forced from bed and into life before you're ready, culminating in my favorite metaphor for grogginess that I've ever read:

He was not yet awake when I called at seven thirty and had that funny sleeper's defense where you pretend that you are wide awake in spite of having just been roused and you want to sound like you know exactly where is where, who is who, and what is what when in fact you are still wearing a narcotic brain helmet of cement and foam.

Read it.  There are a lot more riches where that came from, I promise.


  1. You're pushing memoirs lately. Who are you, me? And since I still can't post using my google account, you'll once again have to guess who "me" is.

  2. Indeed. I've never really liked that pseudonym, though. Here are soem suggestions for future use...
    1) Albatross (naturally)
    2) Switzerland
    3) Wild Oats
    4) My Best Friend Whom I Won't Neglect Even Though I'm Marrying A Totally Awesome Woman (MBFWIWNETIMATAW for "short").

  3. I should allow people who haven't given permission for use of their real names to pick their own pseudonym, but if I ever got around to asking I doubt anyone would care.

    Albatross. Of course. I may need to go back and change all the Kimbos.

  4. I forgot to say why I didn't like the pseudonym, I said it in my head, but forgot to type it! It's because it makes me sound like a gawky teenager. Truly, do you ever use the word "akimbo" without preceding it with "her limbs were all..."