Friday, June 3, 2011

The Only Constant is Change

If you looked closely at the pictures on this post about the Bottega Challenge, you'll notice a certain five-foot-one Cuban with a luscious booty lurking about.  This picture wasn't uploaded, but it was a preview of things to come:

Cristina, an excellent event co-ordinator but evidently not the best cook, had deveined the inside of the shrimp.  I set about deveining the tops of the shrimp (ie, the part that matters) and Becky stepped in to help.  We joked that they'd be the cleanest shrimp ever eaten.

The post didn't go up until October, well after my marriage separation was underway.  I was right in the thick of the mess when this was snapped.  The man in this picture... little did he know.

Becky and I are basically strangers in this picture.  

We wouldn't share a kitchen again until we made chocolate chip cookies from America's Test Kitchen, otherwise known as the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever, at her parents' house.  Making those cookies was the moment I knew.

I love this picture because it fills me with wonder at life's unpredictability.  I love it because it shows how well we worked side by side, long before that became the reason we enjoy our lives so much.  I love it because Becky and I are in it, together.

Then, now, always.

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