Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lip Service Miami: Saturday, September 26th - 7pm

Here it is, proof that I'll be doing something I've always been against: reading a story in front of a crowd.

Don't misunderstand; I look forward to touring one day. I just don't plan on standing there reading passages from my book. For me, the only stories written to be performed aloud are screenplays. So set up a karaoke machine. Make it a writing workshop. Plug in a flat-top and let's make quesadillas. Anything but me doing storytime for a group of strangers.

Maybe I can pull a Sedaris and just read passages of my diary. But we can't all be David Sedaris. Spitting gum in a sleeping stranger's lap is a bit more compelling than I went bowling Wednesday and got the lowest score (again).

Lip Service is different; the stories are true. Instead of casting myself in the lead role of my narrator, limiting the enjoyment of the story to how well I can act, I get to be myself. It's been a while since I've worked a crowd (a sober one, anyway) but it should be fun.

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