Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can't Explain Why, It Just Is

Of my eleven years in Miami, this has easily felt like the longest rainy season. Aristotle’s Poetics said that's part of building empathy for the characters, when the weather in plays mimics their emotional life. Ever notice how often it rains in movies during funeral scenes?

Coming out of a depression is marvelous. Getting your life moving again, feeling sunshine instead of just seeing it, laughing without desperation. Just… being. I’m something I never expected to be during the worst moments – happy and single.

I know it’s only been months, but it feels like I’ve forgotten how sweet life is for much longer.

The other night I watched Spring Breakdown, a bad Amy Poehler / Rachel Dratch / Parker Posey movie with rare moments of hilarity. In it, Amy Poehler exorcises her fat-girl demons by becoming friends with a group of super tall sorority girls who use bulimia to keep their figures. When Poehler realizes the sorority chicks are terrible people, she dumps them in spectacular fashion. Parker Posey brings Poehler a hamburger the size of her head. Poehler grabs it, tears a huge chunk free, and with her mouth full of burger, she growls at the sorority chicks, “This tastes so fuckin’ good.”

I rewound it six times.

That’s the way I feel about almost everything right now. Everything tastes fucking delicious.


  1. "Pathetic fallacy" is what it's called. In this case the sunlight is reflecting your mood. I am delighted. See you Saturday, 7.

  2. "Pathetic Fallacy," of course. I always remember the concept, but can never find the term. I'll need to call you every time I use the example.

    Not sure how true this is day to day, but it sure was true when I wrote it.