Friday, June 1, 2012

Come to the Circus & We Will Kill & Eat You All

Thanks to Christina Thompson, for inspiring the title.  No thanks to Cindy Sherman, for inciting the nightmares.

I've never had an irrational fear of clowns - I've known someone who does, so I know I'm not one of them.  Still, it's impossible to look at this picture as anything less than the Doorway to Clown Hell.

The blurred faces look jovial and inviting because they're too damn close to see clearly, then you notice the shifty fucker in the left corner.  Come inside, its eyes say, there's always room for another playmate.

Then you see the figure in the center, the last person stupid enough to go inside or careless enough to wander into grabbing range.  At least it was a person, before the clowns got it.  Now, it's just another clown.

Ready to consume your soul.

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