Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Reason My Wife Is Awesome

Yes, she is.

On Sunday night, Becky got back from New Orleans for the American Booksellers Association's 2012 Winter Institute.  Exhausted from meetings, loggy with shrimp po' boys and beignets, it was all she could do to keep her eyes open long enough to tumble into bed.  Mere hours later, she was sitting at the computer in her pajamas, on her day off, listening to the ALA webcast.  She had an open purchase order for Books & Books ready to go.

If you check out Newbury Winner Dead End in Norvelt and Caldecott winner A Ball for Daisy, for example, you'll notice that both titles say "special order - subject to availability."  That's because they're in reprint.  Every time a book wins an award (or an author dies), you can bet the publishers and wholesalers will go from hundreds of available copies to nothing in a matter of hours.

But we've got them.  We've got the winners, because Becky is so dedicated that she spent her one day off in two weeks ordering them.

If you wonder what makes Books & Books continually successful. . . well, sure I'm biased.  But Becky Quiroga is a big reason.


  1. The love and pride shines bright.......

    That's wonderful, incredible, uplifting, humbling, reassuring, amazing, fantastic, moving, beautiful, inspirational, delightful.....

    ........and awesome!

  2. I was laughing not because on your wife because I remember Betty La Fea and I couldn't say she's awesome cause for me she was mischievous. I can say now that love is really blind if these were the basis of every men to their wives.

  3. I had to look her up, and that is pretty funny. Or ugly funny.

    For me, a "Betty" will always be a hot chick. I remember it being a thing in eighties movies, "She's a Betty." I always thought it came from Archie comics but I can't find any evidence of that.

    Not on Google, anyway.