Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Saw Love Today

A couple just ran into each-other’s arms in the street outside my window.  They kissed fiercely, surrounded by cold front air and blowing leaves, the sun shining down.  It was a gorgeous moment, right out of a movie.  Did one of them just get back in town?  Did they just get sensational news?  Whatever the reason, he swept her into the kiss, lifting her off her feet and carrying her down the street.

They struck me as the most beautiful couple in the world.  

wanted to know them better, so I put my glasses on.  He had jowls and a paunch.  She had a muffin top spilling over wide hips packed into too-tight jeans.  But they smiled through their kisses, their beauty undiminished by my superficial judgments of their clothes and bodies. 

That's love.


  1. That's the joi do vivre that comes with love.

    Sometimes we're priviledged to get a glimpse of it in others. Sometimes we're lucky enough to be swept up by it for a moment ourselves.

    Perhaps, unknowingly, we share it with others too and they feel as you do here in their moment together.

    Thanks for sharing that moment too.

  2. It's weird when total strangers make your heart swell. But the best kind of weird.