Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Favorite Story

You've probably heard that there are a limited number of stories, that every book, TV show, play, ballad, movie, or musical ever made can be stripped down to one of seven basic plots.  This same theory - or truism - also holds that the most popular story of all time, a favorite the world over, is young man leaves home, has adventures, and returns wiser.  
I hear Chicago has one of these, too.
A few years ago I decided I could never live in Syracuse again.  As much as I love and my family, my tendency to depression simply won't tolerate that level of relentless gray in the sky.  And how many weeks of the year can you actually bike there?  There's no cafecito.  And I think I've mentioned more than once how much I enjoy blending into the melting pot.   

Syracuse University's Hall of Languages; Charles Addams based the Addams Family Mansion on it.
I don't know if a trip home qualifies as a return in the literal sense of a story plot, but it is a type of return.  

East Syracuse
Taking Becky to visit Syracuse was the first time I saw the place I'd grown up as an outsider, as someone who'd never return, and with someone who had never been there.  

Niagra Mohawk 
It made my home town clear for the first time.

I loved being there with Becky because showing her my hometown was also showing her part of myself, but I never expected what her gaze would reveal to me.   We didn't even explore any of the natural beauty - the apple orchards, Green Lakes, Chittenango Falls, etc. etc. - and I found Syracuse to be cool and special.  

S.U. Hill
It might be a college town like a thousand others and its economic hub might be a mall, but the buildings are unique, the winter-bare trees and picturesque neighborhoods are charming when you really look, and Dinosaur Barbeque is still fucking delicious.

I hear New York City has one of these, too.
All I felt when I lived there was the urge to leave.  With Becky, I could have stayed forever. 

Or at least another week or two.  

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