Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Noche Buena II: The Quickening

Now I know how Becky felt going up north for Thanksgiving.  There's one picture of me which survives from my first Noche Buena last year, a group shot of the whole Quiroga clan.   Since I tower over everyone else, there's no mistaking the terrified look on my face.

Meeting someone's family for the first time is always nerve-wracking, especially when there's a whole bunch of them presented to you at once.
Terrifying individuals.
Even though there were a slew of folks I didn't know or had only met once, this year I stopped freaking out and felt like part of the family.  

I think Jose's Coquito was only partly responsible.
Pictured: Jose.   Also, Becky's sister in Coquito haze.
We ate delicious food, laughed, and welcomed family from as far away as California.  We enjoyed live music around a fire outside on a night which can only be described as perfect.  No one got too handsy when in his cups.  No one puked or passed out.  Every dish tasted sublime.  Tia New One's homemade pies were like little slices of heaven.  Ninety-something Dora grabbed my face and unleashed a slew of Spanish (I caught "fine gentleman" and figured it all had to be good).  I have no idea why I was so nervous last year.
Not so terrifying individuals
It's tough being away from my family for the holidays, but the Quiroga clan made me feel right at home.  The love of a good woman helps, too.


  1. Meery Christmas and Happy Hogmanay when it comes. I wish you everything you would wish for yourselves.

    Thanks for keeping me entertained and engaged in 2010 Aaron. I'm already looking forward to another year with SWFF starting soon.

    Awra best.....Al.

  2. Oops on the typo......please don't drink I'm thunk.

  3. Thanks for being my first reader, tipsy, typey, or otherwise.

    Good things for all of us in the New Year!