Monday, September 20, 2010

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Days were dark. Becky and I wanted to move in. We had the place all picked out, and a landlord willing to cut us the deal of a lifetime. What we didn’t have was first and last month’s rent. My lease was expiring, and all we had were dreams.

To top it off, Dylan’s father didn’t want Dylan to transfer schools. Dylan’s current school was five minutes away from him and DF refused to make the drive. DF said he would agree to the transfer if it was what was best for Dylan, but he never did the research. Miami Shores Elementary is a decent school, but Coral Gables Elementary is top 30 in the state, top 10 in Miami Dade County. Even better, Coral Gables Elementary recently became Coral Gables K-8 Preparatory Academy, a public school teaching grades K-8.

DF didn’t see it as beneficial for Dylan’s education, he saw it as doing a favor for Becky, trying to make her life easier just because she has a new boyfriend. A forty-minute commute was out of the question, never mind that Becky had been making it for two years.

There’s a reason for clich├ęs. In this case, it’s always darkest before the dawn applies.

Cleopatra Pater – a teacher whose opinion DF still respects – spoke with DF. Cleo Pater made it clear that moving to Coral Gables would be a huge advantage for the Monkey. DF agreed to the transfer.

The same day Becky spoke with DF and found out he’d agreed to make the commute, I spoke with our landlord. Carroll agreed that Becky and I could move in with first month’s rent plus whatever we could put toward a deposit of last month’s rent. We’d pay extra each month, until she had her deposit. When Becky called me with the good news about Dylan, I told her my good news about the new place.

Suddenly, Dylan was slated for a much better school and we had enough money to move.

No matter how badly a day begins, it can still end well.

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