Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Should Read Robert Anthony Siegel

Here's why:
“You see, my dear, there is nothing other than this turning, round and round again. Everything is connected to everything else, everything moves in a great wheel, and the emptiness in the center is God.”
pg 4

Or this observation on the creation of desires:
“How many men manage to leave their imprint upon humanity in this way - not on the outside, the way we look, but on our very natures, what we want? The inventor of ice cream managed it, as did the first horticulturalist to domesticate the tobacco plant. Gutenberg did it, and so did Moses - Moses with his tablets, inventor of the desire to be good. It was select company.”
pg 24

On why models are desperate:
“...the fault is with photography itself. Photographs are perfect things, and people are not. It’s maddening to have to live with that discrepancy, day in and day out.”
pg 154

On the atmosphere of a home library:

“...the silence was of a very particular kind, different from the rest of the house - the silence of arrested motion. It was as if those thousands of books were birds, and a signal would send them into flight.”
pg 192

If you haven't read All Will Be Revealed, give yourself a treat and buy it right away.

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